Notes from my Algebra class in Spring 2006

Thinking about the pending zombie apocalypse:

“This is North Carolina doesn’t every one have a gun?”
“Got some propane.”
“I adore you.”


“We should build a robot.”
“Because we’re geniuses.”

Connie laid a zombie out with a roundhouse.
“Did you see that?  Did you fucking see that?”

Thinking of a modern retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hallow

The Sleepy Hallow Housing Development


Polynomial became some sort of Freudian trigger

6xy(2) + 2x(2)y – cannot be added
cannot be simplified
there’s nothing we can do for this
everything given all mixed up

What can be added what can not
matching without flipping the cards on my childhood floor

My Polynomial

In general, I call her Polly,
if that’s her name.

In the descending order I found her
sipping beer flanked by swollen lipped smiles

I’m still trying to find the answer
a misunderstanding
of the degrees of the terms.

Only he like ones get added together.
The others cannot be simplified.

The solution ends there.


The teacher was great, she said this in class:

If you use this I’ll your lowest common denominator, I’ll cry.”