2012 Science Online
Photo by Sue Glenn Nichols

I just found a list that I made after the 2012 ScienceOnline [un]conference that outlined the highlights of the weekend. About 80 percent of the list have to do with specific people. This is a tweaked and updated annotated version.

1) David Dobbs session on structure.
Structure is the weakest part of my writing so it was interesting and very self-serving to hear Dobbs speak about this by using music as a metaphor. It made a connection. Whenever I read anything now I focus on structure.

Also, read this:  My Mother’s Lover

2) Deborah Blum
I want to take a class with her. I could listen to her talk about writing all day.

3) Sharing the Museum of Natural Science.
This harkens back to an earlier post. [link]

4) Marie-Claire Shanahan
I want to take her class too. I’d even live in Edmonton to do so. Comparing science literacy to curling was inspired. You could see the light bulbs going off. Relevance.

5)  Bora Z.
Yep.  I hugged him.

6)  Trying Dutch candy.
I showed courage.  Then broke into a whimper.

7)  Meeting people in random ways
I saw someone sitting in the lobby of the satellite hotel  and asked if he was going to ScienceOnline.  He said yes and I offered him a ride.  I also jumped someone’s car and took two former cheerleaders shopping.

How’s that for an eventful conference?