In any endeavor, there becomes a moment when from getting from point A to point B is wrought with tedious activities. These are the things you need to do in order to do the things you want to do. This is true in any occupation, hobby, business, etc.

There are options. You could hire someone to do them for you. Don’t do them at all and hope for the best and that no one notices. Change jobs. You may not have the luxury.

Some time you need to knuckle down, dive it, and take care of business.

One method that I found that gets me through the tedious tasks is the Pomodoro Technique, developed by Francesco Cirillo. Cirillo’s method breaks tasks down into 25 minute intervals followed by a 5 minute break. I play a little loose with the system. Depending how I feel, how much coffee I drank, how much sleep I got, my attention level I break tasks into 10, 15, or 20 minute intervals. The rest is what I need. Sometimes I check emails. Sometimes I refill my coffee. Be flexible but make sure that when you’re working, you’re working.

Force yourself to focus.

And when the time goes off, stop. Try to get the rest periods down, but be sure to give yourself at least 5 minutes.

After a while, it becomes a little easier, but the nice thing about this technique is that you will see immediate results. After all, 15 minutes of focused work is better than nothing.