Potter and Campbell
Sheri Potter from AIBS and Russ Campbell from Burroughs Wellcome Fund

A meeting I attended recently made the rounds in the newsletter of the American Institute of Biological Sciences.  The Sackler Colloquia was held at the National Academy of Sciences from September 23-25.

Some networking highlights for me included having lunch with Dr. Elizabeth Corley and Dr. Briana Pobiner.  Dr. Pobiner is a paleoanthropologist and education/outreach specialist with the Human Origins Program at the Smithsonian Institute.  Dr. Corley is the Lincoln Professor of Public Policy, Ethics and Emerging Technologies at the Arizona State University.  Her research was part of the Nanotechnology Workshop put on at the Sackler Colloquia on Wednesday.  Time did not permit me to stay that long.

Tuesday evening I met Clare Fieseler, a Ph.D. student from around the corner in Chapel HIll.  She is one of the founders of a program that I’m interested in learning more about, Scientists with Stories.

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of the trip was the opportunity to spend some time with Anton Zuiker (aka mistersugar) on the road trip to D.C. and back.