IMG_E1465My daughter has entered into a Pascal’s Wager as it relates to Santa Claus.  At least, that’s how I see it.  When she asks questions about Santa, there’s always a gleam in her eyes that says, “I know this is a game and I’m playing along.  So make sure I get something good.”

For the last couple years, Alyse has written a note to Santa and I leave it on the fireplace with a plate of cookies and some carrots.  This year in her letter to Santa Claus, my daughter asked if she could become an elf.

I saw this as an opportunity to inspire her and spark her imagination.  What follows is my response:

Dear A,

You are a very good and very special little girl.  I am watching you become older and I am in awe of you.  You are creative and intelligent; wise and kind; talented and humble.  You treat people with respect and love.  What I need you to do is take all of these “super powers” that make you special and help make the world a better place.

You would make a wonderful elf but the world needs you more.  The world can be scary, dangerous, and sad but it is also incredibly beautiful, full of kind acts, and we need good people to do good things.

You are a great person and will do great things because you love and are loved.

A friend of mine once said, “In this world we have to help each other; we have to walk each other home.”

Will you help me walk people home?

To help them feel safe?  To feel love?  To feel connected?

I know you have the strength to help me in this task.  I have faith in you.

Love always,

SC 2017

The next morning I read her the letter (since my handwriting is terrible).  I looked down into her little eyes awaiting a response.

“Does that mean I’m not going to be an elf?”

I try, folks, I try.

Happy new year!